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Akhi International govt.approved recruting license no-1912, in Bangladesh registered under the Ministry of Expatriates Welfare & Overseas Employment which facilitates professionally managed outflow of work force from Bangladesh to abroad. Akhi International is a member of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA).

In spite of numerous recruitment agencies in Bangladesh, Akhi International realized that there was a need for a professionally managed recruitment agency to bridge the gap between opportunities and the opportunity seekers and thus the company came into existence. The company’s overall stance has been to go-all-out for excellence and thus become the principal source of competitive, efficient and reliable Human resource solutions provider. The esteem position, in which Akhi International is held today, bears the testimony to the measure of success that the company has been able to achieve over the years.

social responsibility extends well beyond just writing a donation check to a charitable cause. It’s about strengthening the diversity of our communities and creating opportunities for all people to participate in the work force. It’s about focusing on the long-term view and developing solutions that are sustainable. Whether it’s helping an unemployed youth to join the work force, or finding an engineer a job abroad, our reward comes from knowing that we make a real difference – today and in the future. Because of our relationships with both employers and individuals, we are uniquely positioned to determine where current and future skills gaps are, identify people who need help engaging with the work force, and develop solutions that bring these two groups together, mutually benefiting both. In this way, we function as a “bridge” to employment for many who would otherwise be unemployed.

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