Job Apply: Factory Manager

Job Title :

Factory Manager (Agro-processing Company)

Job Context

  • Responsible to ensure smooth/ optimum functioning of Factory Administration to meet Factory`s/ Organization`s operational goal.

Job Responsibilities

  • Developing and implementing innovative strategies to streamline factory operations.
  • Responsible for administering daily operations of the factory including maintaining records, calendar administration, meeting planning, and communication management for the operations team.
  • Ensuring factory operations as per set SOPs.
  • Responsible for ensuring process operation within permissible limits, cost control, and efficiency improvement.
  • Coordinating between different departments such as production, engineering, quality, accounts, store, etc. for ensuring desirable performance.
  • Supervising department heads in scheduling the actions according to priority and as per company requirements.
  • Practice conflict resolution among Departments and Employees.
  • Ensure the following of Labor Laws, industrial safety, social compliance, and human rights standards in the factory.
  • Monitoring the activities of the Housekeeping team and ensuring desired output from the contractors.
  • Responsible for monitoring and guiding the factory security system.
  • Monitor and account for all expenses and income from factory activities supervise daily ledger of incoming receipts, accounts receivable and payable, petty cash for routine operations, and bank transactions.
  • Work with the Operations team in preparation of the factory budgets and work plans.
  • Responsible for monitoring inventories for smooth factory operation and delivery of finished products to distribution.
  • Coordination with Production and QA departments for ensuring product performance and quality as per set targets and standards.
  • Optimally make sure that manufacturing units improve on the standard efficiencies in terms of Machine efficiencies, material yields, labor and overhead costs versus budget.
  • Maintain liaison with utility suppliers, relevant Government Agencies, Foreign Delegates, Local Partners, and other Stakeholders.
  • Responsible for ensuring all documents as per QMS & face ISO 22000 and other surveillance audits and taking necessary actions to close NCs and other observations of the surveillance audit.
  • Work with the HR department for need assessment and scheduling of the training. And ensure providing practical training to Staff & Workers as per schedule.
  • Preparation of periodical performance reports for sharing with management.
  • Analyzing production data to identify and resolve any production issues.
  • Preparing production reports and submitting them to key decision-makers.
  • Regularly inspecting finished products to determine whether they meet established quality standards.
  • Prepare an annual manufacturing plan and policy guidelines to drive the performance of key result areas on production activities and continuous implementation monitoring.
  • Communicate with top management directly when need any issues arise.

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