Job Apply: Salesman

Job Title :

Salesman Employee

Job Context

  • A Head of Marketing who have an opportunity to become one of our Director/Marketing Director also should have work experience of minimum 7-10 Years in a reputed Digital Marketing Agency or IT Company.
  • We are expecting some ready project from him at the very beginning of the month to start with us. Gradually he will express himself more to our company.

Job Responsibilities

  • Bring a minimum value of clients from his/her own caliber.
  • Generate sales of IT Services from the very beginning of the month.
  • Generate sales of Digital Marketing Services from the very beginning of the month.
  • Work/Manage the sales and marketing team to increase the overall sales and revenue of the company.
  • Generate and provide sales Leads to pitch our services.
  • Nurture those Leads properly.
  • Convert those Leads for the final sales.
  • Make/Instruct unique and strategic plans to pitch them.
  • Make/Instruct plans to attract the clients to take our services.
  • Make/Instruct pleasing presentation for the clients as well as in house profiles.
  • Arrange business meetings with prospective clients.
  • Attend the meetings (Online, Offline) continuously to convince the clients.
  • Keep regular communication with the clients.

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